This Is What Happiness Sounds Like

You played a beautiful tune when you smiled,
key strokes on a piano with every exhale, the
harmonies in your voice stilled the world in a
way that made the birds stop to listen. The
uplifting chorus of bright lit eyes completed a
song even the waves paused their gentle
conversations with the edge of shores to listen
to. Your smile was a song complimented by the
lyrics your laugh created as the moon stopped
its play with the tides to hear everything your
excitement had to say. Your happiness is a song
I’m lucky enough to have on replay.


Beauty is an illusion of the mind,
an opinionated decision to like what
is seen, biased to personal preferences.
I feel most beautiful when your eyes
are on me, admiring all that I once
believed was flawed. When your eyes
flick down to mine, and a blush meets
a smile, a collision of affection creating
the most alluring memories.