The Sky’s Lament

I heard the knock come at the window,
a soft bumping against the thunder’s bullets,
and closed my eyes against this heartbeat.
I listened for the patterns,
the urgency defined in the fists,
attempting to pull my attention away
from the thoughts of swimming in danger.
The wind swung hard,
throwing the trees into submission,
calmed by the sound of raindrops
singing their delicate melodies.
I heard the knock come at the window,
and breathed heavily to the memories
playing the sound of the sky’s lament.

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Red wine stained lipstick covers sad smiles
in the blissful drunkenness of grief. Unsteady
feet have never been as funny as when the
mind-numbing heat flowed through your
veins after losing the part of you that
remembers what it feels like to be happy.

Apologetically Deceiving

The words shake on their way out of my mouth,
a trembling on the tongue as they fall into the
endless puddles of apologies. How many times
can my throaty cries tell you I’m sorry before
you decide you can learn to forgive. I live
through my words while you stand beside
yours. You do not deserve the sympathy, yet
I spit the words onto a silver platter to feed
the appetite you work up after a hard day of
manipulating me.

Your Song

The problem with having the same
tastes in music, is all my music
reminds me of yours.

Your voice the drums,
a steady beat that kept me on pace.

Your smile the chorus,
the melody that got stuck in my head.

Your laugh the lyrics
that drew me in with every line.

The last chord was the look in
your eyes when you said goodbye.
The last spark, leaving the ghost
of the sound in the silence, a
slow transition into the faint
ringing being alone can cause.
The sound of your ears longing
for something to fill the quiet.

“What’s Wrong”

This was not meant to be an elaborate, descriptive, beautiful poem. It was just meant to be real.


I’ve been trying to figure out how
to describe this to you for so long.
It was only after a million “I don’t know’s,”
that I realized you can’t explain it,
you just have to understand it.
And even those who understand,
may not comprehend it enough to
tell you how it feels. All I can say
is it is not pleasant.