One-Track Mind

I look at you
and I do not think about
the songbird playing a tune at dawn
or the marigolds sprouting
along the base of the fence.

I do not think about
the closets stuffed with skeletal remains
or the hallways littered
in the ghosts of past residents.

I look at you
and I do not think about the pain
needed to suffer
to view the beauty in nature’s movies.

I see only you,
a model perfected by the hands of God
in a simulation where the choice is ours
with what to do with the connection
from creation to this moment.

I believe only in a heaven
that spawns us in the same world,
and into the paths of arms
wrapped tightly
around the promise of forever.

I think not about the surrounding,
but your smile,
this tunnel vision commanded
by the programmer
that made a one-track mind
the only right
in a world of wrongs.

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