Come As You Are

I’m not sure how to feel about this one, so you guys tell me! It’s quite a bit different than how I normally write. 


Come as you are,
not the façade
the others fall for.

Come as you are,
remove the costume,
this is not a masquerade.

This is me wanting to love you.

Wanting to see you,
your fears,
your smiles,
your tears.

Come as you are,
be vulnerable,
if only for me.

Remove the shackles,
walk free of weight,
come as you are.

It’s you I want to feel,
on moonless nights,
come as you are.

This is me asking for you.

Only you,
not some,
all of you.

The world stands still,
waiting for you,
come as you are.

Come as you are.

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Thinking was never my greatest subject in school. It would travel off the task to darker places than what was assigned, but my friend became the teacher, and I’m confident I passed this exam. They told me they believe I’m addicted to the pain, afraid to get better, then asked me why I surround myself with the poetry and music. No beats are missed when I tell them my answer in three parts;

I. I read the poems in search for the comfort in knowing there are others with the same pains, struggles, and frustrations. That I am not alone in every thing I feel, think, and overthink. I love the realness every metaphor can hold.

II. I listen to the music for the same beautiful relationship between the lyrics and my life, carried along by the sounds they create.

III. I write not to be trapped by the pain, but to release it, turn it into something other than everything trapped in my brain, to keep me going until the next good day.