Introducing…Penny Poetry!!

Oops I did it again! I’ve published another book, available in print and on Amazon Kindle!
Admittedly, I had many complications when creating the kindle version, so if you’re going for looks, print is definitely the way to go. Besides, who doesn’t love a good paperback in their hands?
But if you’re more into the digital, content is what matters kind of thing, grab yourself a copy of this ebook.
penny poetry

Self Promotion

I know, self promotion is sooo annoying, but it must be done!

Do you need something to read? Maybe a friend who you forgot a gift for their birthday? Why not get them a book!! (That’s a fun idea)


Check out my book, The Four Stages of Poetry, available on amazon!

My Book!!

Haha, how exciting it is to finally have something published!

My new compilation poetry book, The Four Stages of Poetry, will be released on February 9th! Keep an eye out for links 😉



Back cover description!

In this collection of poetry, Marysa takes you on a journey through the ups and downs of the four stages of poetry.
Marysa writes the progression of desire, love and losing through a collection of captivating love poems.
Read through the subtle progression of all-consuming hatred to refusal to let the hurt from another person control you as each new poem furthers this story of betrayal.
Think back on a time you fell in love and the moment you decided enough. Marysa takes you on a ride of hung up to moved on through this collection of poetic memories.
Everything else is thrown into two subcategories of Writing and Feelings. Writing takes you through the convolution of writing about writing. Feelings guides you through a troubled mind, ending with an ability to be okay.