Now and Then

I’ve become a love letter for the person I used to be;
living in powdered walls, and loving a breeze
flowing into the room I’ve built.
I’ve sculpted an artist from discarded parts,
and painted a mural over family photos,
revolting against a system that shuns a creative mind.
I’ve escaped the lion’s den, and lived to tell a tale
to a little girl who’s only hope was an escape plan.

Distorted Melodies

She was always a little out of her head,
floating between the tangled vines
that wove themselves around her hips,
opening up for the light of a single ray.

Her buds bloomed early in spring,
and her eyes sang melodies so loud,
there was never a reason to break the silence
that followed behind a stunned gardener.

She knew not only how to dance
in the sounds of her madness,
but how to play with the lust of nature
to win the eyes of whomever would listen.