Must Have Been the Wind

Sweat lingers a while,
seeping through rumpled sheets
to remind you that you can still feel-

Fingers lingered longer than a butterfly
can flap its wings without falling tired;
A soft buzz, mistaken for the hummingbird;
an aggressive display of the effect of the sound
from the voice of a goddess wrapped in silk-

An airy whisper against your ears,
honey flows down your spine,
and you feel as though this is..

This is the gratification in the mind,
satisfaction to a body that responds
to the tickle of  these melodies.

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Close Your Eyes and Listen

Before I disappear into a fine mist
clinging to your cheeks on a night
where the moon mourns the loss of an angel;
I want God’s tears to remind you
that there is love after loss,
and peace after chaos.
I want to leave my words to the wind,
calling softly to your delicate ears;
a song sung in a code only you can define.
Let it carry through every pore, every crevice,
feel the tickle of their syllables
flow silently into your entire being;
Relish in the sound of a broken soul
piecing together every scrap fallen
on its way to deliver such a message.

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I caught a whiff of the final rose
when following a trail of wilted petals,
on a search for a place to heal
the damage caused by running
through thorns.
I found you behind emerald vines
clinging to the sills of open windows,
tending neglected flowers,
in a garden with little hope
of regrowth.
And I knew that this
was the beginning of forever
for a broken honeybee.

In Love

I could say it, yes
form the syllables of that expression,
But I could never describe
or represent the feeling.
It is beyond its letters,
and exceeded its uses.
It is more than this,
More than us,
And no matter how hard I try,
How much I write,
I could never tell you
what it truly means
to love you.

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Heaven Called

I used to believe in heaven once.
Once a time
the sky would split between the clouds,
the sun shining in large beams
to seemingly no end.

I used to believe in heaven once.
That the gods smiled down
through these holes
as they brought another admission
to their plane of existence.

I used to believe in heaven once
Before the ground split beneath me
and I was forced to view a fire
that rose and fell
as if a heartbeat struggled against
the ground’s ribcage.

That night I witnessed a hell
that would hold me in its arms
and singe my flesh
with agonizing comfort
for how many years to come.

“When hell freezes over,”
he whispered to me from a gravelly throat.

A challenge disguised as an insult,
I took in my fist and strode on,
torn and bruised,
making it my own promise.

So now I sit,
telling my story of triumph
of how I was admitted into the heaven
I once believed in
once a time
before I knew you were the existence
I’d so longed to see.

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With You, I See

You are the soft glow
of my bedside lamp
in the quiet hours
between dusk and dawn;
The moon through the cracks
of my blinds still drawn;
The smile of light
that allows me to paint
the words caught bouncing
between the empty spaces;
Allows me to express
the feelings demanding
respect in the silence.

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