Love Wins

For you, my love,
I would run confidently into battle,
and ready to exclaim our truths
that they will not acknowledge
without force.
I would bring a flower
to a gunfight,
just to prove my loyalty to cause,
a war without blood,
only us,
and victory amongst all odds
aimed against us.

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If Ever There Was

If there ever was a smile
to soak up the salt in the sea,
boil the toxins in the raging waves,
and offer fresh water to the thirsty,
it would be yours.
If there ever was a voice
to quiet the howl of the wind,
hush the screaming of the storm,
and offer a lullaby
to comfort the terrified,
it would be yours.
If there ever was a soul
deserving of an angel
to offer them relief of sorrow,
and bring to them euphoria,
I am certain,
it would be yours.

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Our Story (A Brief Explaination of Forever)

Perspiration glued my shirt to my skin
on that thursday afternoon, my hands
tired from carrying boxes from room
to room, the last of their strength just
enough to write their gratitude towards you.

You had not remembered me – at first.
I was a few breaths away from taking
my last, when the hope that radiated
from a single text brought me back to
the present.

It was that day, i learned what it really felt
like to hold a conversation with one radiating
equal interest, shown in their thumbs growing
sore, and the smiles through the screens.

It wasn’t long before text turned to call turned to
video, turned to the moment our hearts pounded
beneath a ribcage aching to break free and connect
what it did not know it was missing.

The day we met in person for the first time in years,
was the first time i felt electricity dripping from the
fingertips that touched me.

The first time i felt what I’d never known to be passionate;
intimacy I’d only ever read about in the books I always
escaped to. It was only the beginning, and the first of many

And now I ask for the promise of forever from you, because
I never want to lose the one that showed me the way it’s supposed
to be; That showed me the freedom that comes with the security of
falling so deeply in love with someone that feels the same.

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I caught a whiff of the final rose
when following a trail of wilted petals,
on a search for a place to heal
the damage caused by running
through thorns.
I found you behind emerald vines
clinging to the sills of open windows,
tending neglected flowers,
in a garden with little hope
of regrowth.
And I knew that this
was the beginning of forever
for a broken honeybee.

Love Songs

The rarity of good love songs
is not a surprise to me in the least-
I have learned
that no matter how beautifully you sing,
you could never do justice to the feeling;
No matter how perfect the metaphor,
there is no description,
only experience.

When you fall in love,
there is no more a reason to search
through creation,
so the best of itself goes unnoticed,
but for the memories you embrace
for the intimacy of keeping it your own.

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In Love

I could say it, yes
form the syllables of that expression,
But I could never describe
or represent the feeling.
It is beyond its letters,
and exceeded its uses.
It is more than this,
More than us,
And no matter how hard I try,
How much I write,
I could never tell you
what it truly means
to love you.

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Heaven Called

I used to believe in heaven once.
Once a time
the sky would split between the clouds,
the sun shining in large beams
to seemingly no end.

I used to believe in heaven once.
That the gods smiled down
through these holes
as they brought another admission
to their plane of existence.

I used to believe in heaven once
Before the ground split beneath me
and I was forced to view a fire
that rose and fell
as if a heartbeat struggled against
the ground’s ribcage.

That night I witnessed a hell
that would hold me in its arms
and singe my flesh
with agonizing comfort
for how many years to come.

“When hell freezes over,”
he whispered to me from a gravelly throat.

A challenge disguised as an insult,
I took in my fist and strode on,
torn and bruised,
making it my own promise.

So now I sit,
telling my story of triumph
of how I was admitted into the heaven
I once believed in
once a time
before I knew you were the existence
I’d so longed to see.

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