Must Have Been the Wind

Sweat lingers a while,
seeping through rumpled sheets
to remind you that you can still feel-

Fingers lingered longer than a butterfly
can flap its wings without falling tired;
A soft buzz, mistaken for the hummingbird;
an aggressive display of the effect of the sound
from the voice of a goddess wrapped in silk-

An airy whisper against your ears,
honey flows down your spine,
and you feel as though this is..

This is the gratification in the mind,
satisfaction to a body that responds
to the tickle of  these melodies.

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Our Play

Close your eyes and read the braille
my body writes for your fingertips to
read. Let your hands dance on my
stage, a solo performance preparing
the platform for Act II. Whisper your
narrations so only I can hear your
secrets under the music blanketing
the silence between each breath as
we put on a show for the loneliness
kicked out of our play.

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First Time Envisionment

Sloppy hands and awkward positions
are wiped clean by the collision of
passion in the moment missed at an
earlier age. Your eyes shine down on
me, lighting fires in the ocean, and I
finally know why the sailor loves the
sea. I finally know why the waves
rocking the boat is serenity under a
warm sun, instead of seasickness
covered in heatstroke. Your honey-
brown irises tan my skin in subtle
warmth and I finally realize you do
not have to drown in this water to
feel complete in a silent aftermath.

Check out my book, The Four Stages of Poetry, available on amazon!


I whisper secrets so intimate,
the rivers sway in time with my words
to show you everything you could have
if you closed your eyes and listened.
My breath excites the trees
with its breeze on your neck
and sends shivers down the spines of flowers.
Breathe in the smell of my hair on your shoulders,
as nature awakens
from my scent trailing behind the movement of my lips.
Close your eyes and soak yourself
in the intimacy of everything I have to say.