Close Your Eyes and Listen

Before I disappear into a fine mist
clinging to your cheeks on a night
where the moon mourns the loss of an angel;
I want God’s tears to remind you
that there is love after loss,
and peace after chaos.
I want to leave my words to the wind,
calling softly to your delicate ears;
a song sung in a code only you can define.
Let it carry through every pore, every crevice,
feel the tickle of their syllables
flow silently into your entire being;
Relish in the sound of a broken soul
piecing together every scrap fallen
on its way to deliver such a message.

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A Letter to Myself

One day, you’ll come across something so beautiful,
your lungs will forget it needs oxygen for you because
they want to gift it to this life.

One day, you’ll hold the hand of a love
while looking into the eyes of a fragile
being, and you will finally understand
the importance of being strong for those
who are delicate.

One day, you’ll live a life to be proud of,
not one you want to throw away like
last weeks leftovers.

One day, you’ll smile because you’ll have
purpose, all you have to do is allow the
time to get there.


“All Publicity is Good Publicity”

I’m sorry for all the inspiration I stole from you
without crediting my sources, but do you really
want your name in neon lights, advertising your
roll in my pain? Are you that self conceited that
you’d rather be known for your childish actions,
than never known at all? I apologize for not giving
you this after taking so much from me.