Red wine stained lipstick covers sad smiles
in the blissful drunkenness of grief. Unsteady
feet have never been as funny as when the
mind-numbing heat flowed through your
veins after losing the part of you that
remembers what it feels like to be happy.

This Is What Happiness Sounds Like

You played a beautiful tune when you smiled,
key strokes on a piano with every exhale, the
harmonies in your voice stilled the world in a
way that made the birds stop to listen. The
uplifting chorus of bright lit eyes completed a
song even the waves paused their gentle
conversations with the edge of shores to listen
to. Your smile was a song complimented by the
lyrics your laugh created as the moon stopped
its play with the tides to hear everything your
excitement had to say. Your happiness is a song
I’m lucky enough to have on replay.


How to be okay when nothing around you is

How to be okay when nothing around you is

One: Sit in front of the mirror for three consecutive hours telling yourself how okay you are, repeating that godforsaken mantra, “You are okay, you are okay, you are okay.”  You may be a broken record now, but someday, that repetition will be transformed into someone else’s trap remix.

Two: Cry so long and so hard that you pass out from the exhaustion from letting all of the bottled-up emotions pour out of you, cleansing yourself from hurt and drowning everything that is tearing you down and

Three: Dream. Dream yourself so far away that you can no longer feel their hatred spraying down on you, telling you “you are not enough.” Dream yourself a needle and string; stitch up the holes their acid tongues created inside of you. And if those voices are inside of your head;

Four: Stop listening. Stop listening to the hurricanes in your brain; the storms thrown at you causing more destruction than you deserve with every gust of insults. Shovel through the rubble; find the ear muffs that used to protect you and build yourself a safe haven in the silence.

Five: Write yourself a numbered list poem on how to be okay when nothing around you is.