I knew you had to be part of my story,
so I began scratching words into paper
under your candlelight
on nights I wanted the wax
to cover the fairy-tale fantasies
in a thick coating
to hide the storyteller’s impossible dreams.
I wanted real,
which is why I forgave you
when you plunged from my dresser,
and set fire to the we
I was creating
in gasoline-tinted ink,
and created a fire so bright,
I had to close me eyes to see it.

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Let Us Thrive

Let us run south with the wind,
gone as the dust, little swirls of
regrets follow our trail of memories.

Let us find a road to where
happiness rests, hiding behind
the corner of the rainbow.

Let us wear the scars of battle
with pride, the long fight it took
to make it where we land.

Let us hold the strength in our
fingertips, and pain in our hearts,
so we can throw it in the flames
of past when our future begins.

Let us finish everything we
began and show them a fire
shines brighter when poked
with gasoline.

Match to a Flame

The drop of a match causes the explosion,
a heart ripped to shreds by a candle’s flame,
goodbye’s dance with shadows on the walls,
a small glow of hope flickering with the sound
of a silent farewell.
A single breath of possibilities blows out
with the sparks of tomorrow’s forest fire,
and the rain washes away the remains of yesterday.


He had a soul of embers and a heart of ash.
The smoke filling my lungs when we kissed
became an addiction. His love was given to
me with a  singed tongue, but I’d come to
crave the way it seared my heart. The heat
was comfort, contrasted my iced eyes,
glazed over with gasoline. That night I
cried, I forgot to blink away, leaving me to
live in the aftermath of his explosion.