The Ocean’s Goodbye

They told me you died in the ocean,
your face distorted by the waves,
and the fluids filled the empty spaces in your lungs.
They told me your head hit rock bottom,
and the saltwater was the last thing you wanted to see.
They told me you died with a smile,
your limbs no longer trying to remember how to feel,
slowly numbed by the tides,
as the kiss of the moonlight sang you to sleep.
They told me you died in the ocean,
while learning how to be loved
by the very thing killing you.

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It’s Not Them, It’s Me

I’m beginning to think it’s me,
my anxious way of thinking,
and overbearing mentality.

Surely it can’t be them,
their sweet-tongued syllables,
and gentle minds.

Their inner beauty reflected
in the carefully sculpted details
that display their enticing features.

I’m beginning to think it’s me,
unable to be handled
without protected mental strength
and delicate hands.

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I fell in love with a chameleon

He was adorable

at first

He was beautiful

at first

He was one color

at first

But as his hesitation to come off
his branches  faded, he began a
series of changes.

His color, once a beautiful green,
became a swirl of red and black,
a sign other animals use as the
universal poison warning. The
markings of one in for the fight.

I heeded my warning too late,
injected with a toxin that still
runs through my veins to this

I was infected by the once harmless,
now fatal attraction to change.

Mr. Lonely

Time is precious, and lonely knows it.
He is a greedy man, stealing moments
that should be spent filling your heart,
not your cup. He locks your mind in a
box, leaving the slideshow of memories
from a time you were not alone. He
leaves your aching heart to mend its
own, knowing your only company is
pain and the numbing substance of
your choosing.