Panic Room

Anxiety locked me in this panic room,

forced the gun in my hand and told me

it’s my turn. We’re actively engaged in

a game of russian roulette with my fears,

each shot spraying my thoughts on the

walls, repainting with my brain.

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Silence and loneliness work hand-in-hand

to create feelings without sound and

noise without sentiment.


Loneliness is the quiet friend,

mumbling so you cannot understand

his secrets, giving himself the

nickname company.


Silence is loud, screaming in your

ears With a shrill ring, filling up

the space loneliness left behind


Their blood splatters your clothes

as they fight for the heart of empty.


Emptiness is beautiful, spilling blonde

hair and blue eyes in areas you

believed could hold nothing more than

the bunk-beds quiet and alone share.


Your body is the room they’re filling

with their presence and it’s almost

time to pick some new renters.

Pillow Kingdoms and Make-Believe Monsters

When I was little, I loved to build

myself pillow kingdoms. I loved

the security the polyester stuffing

could promise me, secluding me

from make-believe monsters that

wanted me vulnerable. Then, I

got older and hiding behind

threaded walls from make-believe

monsters with words on their

fangs and my blood on their

clothes was no longer considered