He was a deadly face;
a loaded gun,
always aimed between the eyes
that stared down the barrel.
He was a warning;
always cocked
and ready to pull the metal
to project the final decision
on whoever asked the question.
He was gunpowder,
waiting for the match
to give him a reason
to explode.

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Screaming Underwater

I shove my head underwater,
trying to diminish the heat,
seeping its way into my brain.
It bleeds into my thoughts
and sets fire to my veins,
burning my limbs from within.
I scream until my lungs break,
my anger rising in the bubbles
breaking the surface,
and giving voice to my frustrations.

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Unravel: The Worst Things You Said

Your god complex got the best of you
Whiskey, your father’s favorite
A habit picked up at sixteen
The age you decided woman were meat
A steak for you dress up
And devour at your leisure
Telling them they’d look better
With a side of fries,
That they’d taste better
With added flavor
You told me how I could be
Would be
With dressing
After four shots of whiskey
And the memories of your father’s wisdom
The god complex you were taught to claim

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I wish I was a poison dart,

dark red blood floods when

my needle pierces your skin.

Imagine how sick I could

make you with the venom

running in your veins,

aiding the words meant

to sting you.

I want your ears to ring

at the filling of your blood

with a hurt that you deserved

so long ago. And I want

to be the last thing you see

before you say good-bye.