Need a friend? Have a question? Looking for feedback on some writing? (Now accepting review submissions). Fill out this form with any questions, suggestions, or comments, and I’ll get back to you ASAP.




Want a piece of poetry, prose, short story, book, anything in between reviewed?

Well, you’re in luck because I am now accepting submissions of all kinds to be reviewed on my blog.

The rules are simple, every piece of writing must be credited with the original author (That’s right- it doesn’t even have to be yours, as long as you give credit to the correct authors).

I will not review pieces that include any of the following;

  1. Religious views in any way
  2. Political views in any way
  3. Racist views in any way
  4. Sexist, or hardcore feminist (offensively, or negatively hating on men, etc.) in any way

Just submit your suggestions and pieces , and I will let you know whether or not it has been accepted for review.