About the Awkward Author

Just an Amateur Writer. 

I’m a little bit crazy and a little bit weird, but I take a little bit of both and make a little bit of writing. There’s not much to know about me, just that I love to write. I scribble out a few words and hope for the best. ūüôā¬†

I’m very quiet, and don’t socialize, but I enjoy reading, listening to music, and writing. I began writing when I came¬†across a poet, Tyler Knott Gregson,¬† just over a year and a half ago. I began writing as a way to release all of these emotions I had pent up inside¬†of me. It was like uncovering a part of myself I had no clue existed. I fell in love almost immediately and began reading as much as I could, writing¬†everyday, watching slam poems, teaching myself to understand the ins and outs of poetry. I continue to write on a daily basis, never going anywhere¬†without a notebook readily available to me, and am always finding new ways to improve.

Not sure how to share myself so check me out on wattpad.

Check out my book The Four Stages of Poetry.