Must Have Been the Wind

Sweat lingers a while,
seeping through rumpled sheets
to remind you that you can still feel-

Fingers lingered longer than a butterfly
can flap its wings without falling tired;
A soft buzz, mistaken for the hummingbird;
an aggressive display of the effect of the sound
from the voice of a goddess wrapped in silk-

An airy whisper against your ears,
honey flows down your spine,
and you feel as though this is..

This is the gratification in the mind,
satisfaction to a body that responds
to the tickle of  these melodies.

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11 thoughts on “Must Have Been the Wind

  1. As though a scented whisper crossed over lifetimes to tickle a sweetness in just the idea of a genuine pressing of lips so gentle only stardust knows how lightly the breeze Carries souls in opposite directions with only the faint saccharine tingle left behind as eyes spring open to find the night the only one aware of such a happenstance that quite literally never existed…
    Well written and very endearing in its tenderness that pulls a sad string across my own understanding of the contrasting dissimilarity between words and the absence of actions to keep from shuddering in recollection

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          1. Perhaps there is more to our paths crossing than is at first glance apparent..
            Your gift is not without merit or value, and kindness is never something anyone could ever offer you in any equality for how you share such a very authentic part of your own soul so freely..

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          2. In all seriousness sweetness, I know nothing of etiquette nor of your personal boundaries that may be a foolish misstep on my part, inadvertent or unintentionally it may be.. what is true is that I would very much like to connect with you in some way that is both comfortable and appropriate to you.. at no limit set on my part to cultivate any next step towards something too far ahead of either of us to even think I could be so able to know anything at all about.. I only know this moment cannot be wasted by my own shortcomings In assuming or foolishness in squandering any opportunity to make the world a more beautiful place for someone as amazing as you so definitely are. You 🔥🔥

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          3. Any contact regarding anything, including a collaboration, I can be reached through my contact page, it goes to my email 🙂 thank you for being so kind. I thought you were being sarcastic at first.

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