I believe that everyone has a path
that is set for them from birth, with
the option to alter the details when

In recent months, I have fallen so far
from mine, driven by an evil unseen,
but by the most vulnerable.

I found myself on the steps of God,
screaming obscenities onto a cross
no longer holding meaning to a soul
long forgotten by the promise of a

I crumbled under the idea that I could
carry the weight of the entire world
in the palm of my hand, and the feeling
opened my eyes to a reality I’d too
frequently chosen blindness within.

My ears finely tuned to the voice of
comfort, it came to my awareness
that running towards finality was not
to be part of my predestination.

And with that I stand; in glorious triumph,
fighting head on, and accepting the help
from resources not to be looked down
to, repairing the road my future travels

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13 thoughts on “Predestination

  1. Ah, good to see another poem by you 😀

    Especially one as intriguing as this one! (Don’t ask how many tries it took to spell “intriguing right…I type it a lot, but still failed miserably lol)

    Anyways, how’ve you been lately?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Look, I’m not trying to be or pretending to be better than anyone. If this is a serious matter, you can message me on one of my social media accounts, since i don’t see any other way you could have gotten my site other than that. I don’t know who you’re talking about or what. Im not depressed for clout, and I’ve never been one to bring others down or hurt anyone. I genuinely just dont understand why you’d come to my site, with my work, to try and ruin my name on the one thing im truly passionate about. My insta is marysastorm or marysawrites, go ahead and take this there.


  2. This site does allow you to take screenshots, its not my fault it wont let us show pictures. Like i said, please go ahead and send me the screenshots, talk to me on any of my social media’s. I’ve never talked down on anyone for getting pregnant, nor have i invalidated anyone’s disorders. Everyone has their own struggles and I’ve always tried to be there for anyone who needs it.


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