I caught a whiff of the final rose
when following a trail of wilted petals,
on a search for a place to heal
the damage caused by running
through thorns.
I found you behind emerald vines
clinging to the sills of open windows,
tending neglected flowers,
in a garden with little hope
of regrowth.
And I knew that this
was the beginning of forever
for a broken honeybee.

13 thoughts on “Honeybee

        1. That’s referring to a damaged past. feeling all is lost or gone, But there’s one remaining flower, that better future ahead for the honeybee and the one she’s fallen in love with. Both broken from damaged pasts, but moving forward towards a forever together.

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  1. This is a fantastic piece that is so full of earnest emotion; raw. I love the descriptions; they are so delicate with an amazing rhythm. It has a beautiful flow and impactful meaning. I love it.

    Excellent piece as always.

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  2. This is so cute; I love how it has a sweet purity about it but also conveys a deeper, more beautiful meaning. I love how it’s such a little poem but uses such pretty descriptions to describe a bigger story. Beautiful piece ❀

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