New Life

For two years,
I let the words flow down my wrists,
and drip from my fingertips
to later be put into makeshift scenery.

For years I’d known
how to move forward in a life
that was only my own in my creations;
When my imagination was let loose
from the heavy lead in my soul.

In this time,
I spent many clock’s lives
learning and growing
through thick slabs of concrete
how to survive the impossible.

But in the months before now,
when I learned how to breathe
beyond the vacuum sealed soil,
it has come clear to my mind
that i do not know how to spell ‘freedom
without craving it.

I feel the pressure of struggle
was the only way to feed
a mind starving for release.

For two years,
I made these hands my only;
and now that I’ve traveled so many miles,
I’ve forgotten how to include it in this new life.

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9 thoughts on “New Life

  1. Wow girlie that was amazing. honestly relatable in multiple ways and I love how it’s so personal feeling but at the same time, it’s so open to so many meanings and each reader can place their own experience into it. My favorite lines are, “it has come clear to my mind/ that i do not know how to spell ‘freedom/ without craving it.” because it’s so true and relatable and just wow, so true.
    “through thick slabs of concrete” I also love this line just because it’s so descriptive and reminds me of a daisy growing through the cracks in a sidewalk of a rundown city, finding that little piece of beauty in the midst of something unattractive and filled with darkness and heaviness.
    Now the last four lines are my favorite because I find those the most relatable and it’s something I face nearly on the daily, trying to bring parts of me I don’t want to leave behind into the life I’m trying to begin and idk, they just spoke so much to me so much.
    I’m sorry you’re struggling with taking this (I’m assuming you’re talking about writing) with you in your new chapters in life though. But I’m so happy to hear you’re turning the page and have found change and goodness within your life. so proud of how far you’ve come as a person and a writer and I cant wait to read the next chapters ❤
    Anyways, It's beautiful, I could list what I love about every line if I had the time but honestly I dont think I could describe how much I truly love and relate to and appreciate this piece. One of my favorites by you, hands down. Amazing job 🙂

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