Serenity Now? – Phillip Knight Scott

Hello Hello! I know, I am terribly, horribly late in posting the winner for this contest. My only excuse is the business of life!

Congratulations Phillip, with ‘Serenity Now?’

We are all connected. The woman
in line at the grocery store
too tired to say no to one more question.
The young man scanning the Skittles
his arm a pendulum absentmindedly marking
time. And me at attention
with the world while my phone
shows zero bars and I long to march on.

We all crave serenity. The woman
thinking of a euphoric cacophony of silence
that a mouthful of candy may bring.
The young man clocked out and finding
ecstasy absent the din of beeps, glorying
in his moment. And me raptured
from this world and returned home
where my wifi vigorously absolves me.



4 thoughts on “Serenity Now? – Phillip Knight Scott

  1. Wow, this piece is truly, truly amazing. I love the concept and how exquisitely thought out it is. Like something that happens millions of times a day can be zoomed into this deeply thought out piece… It’s really, truly, absolutely amazing what you did here. Congrats, well deserved! πŸ™‚

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