Hopeful Orchestra

If I had the moon sing to the stars,
would you listen to each whistle
through its craters?

Would you watch as the stars dance
to orchestra I’ve been in the process
of conducting?

Would you read into my writing,
or see the music as just that;
sounds to fill the silence
in our minds?

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4 thoughts on “Hopeful Orchestra

  1. Honestly, I’ve always wondered this too. I think a lot of people just skim through whatever they’re reading, only getting a hint of the real meaning, and then forgetting it 10 seconds later. I love when people actually take the time to listen and read every single word and pause and feel what the poem actually wants you to see or feel. It leaves a mark in the mind and helps the person understand someone else better, I love this sooooo much, great job 🙂

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