Early Morning Memories

I breathe in the scent of morning dew,
dripping from the leaves
of the lilac trees,
listening to the song of the blue jay,
in the moment where the world is slow,
and only the appreciative may witness
the way you can love in the beginning.
I watch as the wind gently pulls
the flowers from sleep,
and reminds me
I’m loving you at dawn,
where only few are awake to see
the garden we begin to sow.

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12 thoughts on “Early Morning Memories

  1. Vividly expressed Marysa,….. made me remember a few lines of one of my poems
    “It’s so long since celestial sounds covered you
    With lyrics of our eternal love, so true
    Years ago when our love was new
    Laying upon fresh grass, bodies entwined upon morning dew.”

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