Top Three – Contest Update

I’m sure everyone is dying to hear who the winners of my writing contest are. (Now closed).

I have received over 30 submissions, and they were all so incredible, the decision is not coming easy. Thank you to everyone who submitted, I loved all of your pieces.

The winner will be announced on April 25th.

The top three runner ups (in no particular order) are;

  • C J Delous, with “A Dream I Think I Once Had”
  • MIRE, with “Fresh Air”
  • Paul Sunstone, with “What Made You Say “I Love You”?”

Thank you again for everyone who participated, and keep an eye out for the winner 🙂

Check out my book, The Four Stages of Poetry, available on amazon!



13 thoughts on “Top Three – Contest Update

          1. I haven’t read the poem, obviously, but between the fact that he’s mentored you and the title of the poem, I think it’s safe to say he’s got the win -shrug-

            (The mentor comment wasn’t supposed to reference bias, it was supposed to reference that, since he mentored you, his writing style is probably closer to what you’re used to)

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