500 Followers; Writing Contest

Hello, hello, hello!

If you’ve just joined, welcome, and I hope you enjoy your stay. If you’ve been around, trust me, I recognize you with every like or comment, and I’m glad you’ve decided to stick around.

I’m happy to say, I’ve reached 500 of you (insanity)

Upon reaching such a goal I never saw myself reaching, I’ve decided to hold a writing contest. Submit your poem, prose, or short story to be featured on this blog, an author copy of my book, The Four Stages of Poetry and a chance to co-write with me, if you desire to do so.


In order to be eligible for this contest, you must like this post, and comment to let me know you have decided to participate (This allows me to check and make sure your submission is not lost in spam, etc).  Everyone is welcome, and encouraged to participate. You will then submit your piece to my contact page.

Your piece can consist of any topic or theme except;

  1. Religious views in any way
  2. Political views in any way
  3. Racist views in any way
  4. Sexist, or hardcore feminist (offensively, or negatively hating on men, etc.) in any way

You may submit up to three pieces. 

Poems and prose may be any length (within moderation of course, I will not accept novel length poems).

Short stories must not exceed 1000 words.

Contest closes April 20th.
Winner will be announced April 25th.

Thank you so much for 500 followers, and happy writing!!




79 thoughts on “500 Followers; Writing Contest

        1. Alright, I’ll give you three options
          1. Reflection on what you believe to be your worst flaw
          2. The greatest thing to ever happen to you, without ever directly mentioning what happened
          3. Your best encounter with a stranger

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  1. 500! I’m a little jealous! I’m kidding! Congratulations! If that’s ok with you I’ll send more than one but altogether to make it easier for you! Looking forward!

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  2. Congratulations on 500! My most recent goal was 104, round numbers are so cliché, and it shot by while I was too busy to notice. Oh well, maybe 207 will come quickly. Maybe if I win a competition…

    Does a submission have to be something new and unposted?

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  3. It has been posted on my blog, too, now 😀
    Oh, wait, I’m gonna add something to the post on my blog…if one of my blog readers win, I’ll throw in a poem about candy canes O.O That’ll encourage them to sign up so that the chances of a candy cane poem are risen xD

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  4. AWESOME PRIZES! I have wanted an autographed copy of “The Four Stages of Poetry” for ages! And to co-write with you? Are you kidding me! This is better than I could hope for.

    Question: Can we submit an article we have posted on our blog if that article happens to have been written with you in mind (i.e. in response to your email saying, “Say something wise”)? It’s ok if the answer is “no”.

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  5. 1) Are poems with Biblical allusions allowed?
    2) Can I submit a poem a thousand words long?
    3) This one is more of statement, I doubt I’ll win, but if I do, please don’t give me a free copy of your book. I will prefer to purchase it, so I don’t feel bad. I think if that’s your book you don’t have to give it away for free. You’re already earning $5 for each book and I think your words are worth more than that.

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    1. 1. as long as it’s not directly imposing, or forcing religious beliefs on others. i.e if your poem is using direct biblical quotes, or expressing your beliefs as being the the correct way of thinking, it will not be accepted for submission. If you want to referance it, that’s okay, it just can’t be the main focus of your piece.
      2. You can
      3. That wouldn’t be fair, but thank oyou


  6. Oh, and Congratulations! I followed you a while back, but I never got your work in my email. But, anyway, I’m happy you were able to reach this accomplishment.

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    1. Awh I’m sorry, this has closed. My bad for leaving it up. However, if you would like a review of a work done, you may submit to my contact page. I will also be doing another contest sometime in the near future 😉


  7. Congrats on almost doubling your follower since this post! This isn’t probably anymore current? Do another one! Also, I’ve found this D’Verse Poems Pub, which I recommend unless already familiar with. Poets that usually under some theme write their poems, submit them to be read and in turn read others. encouraging comments and I’ve felt nothing but at home there since I 3 days ago found it.

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