5 thoughts on “Three Floors Down

  1. I can see two ways of reading this poem and they are poignant and more poignant. Very well done.

    This reminds me of the time (long ago) I got all excited about a girl in middle school and asked her to be my girlfriend — my first girlfriend. Linda said “yes”. I was ecstatic!

    But I had a bad rep back then and just as soon as she told her friends about it, they went to work talking her out of her decision.

    That weekend there was a party. Long story short, that’s the place and time she decided to break up. Basically, I said “hello”, she said “goodbye”. Or as your poem can be interpreted to express it, “The doors of my heart opened — but not to let someone on, only to let someone off.”

    Lucky me, though! A real cool girl, Kathy, who had a prior interest in me took my newfound availability as an excuse to teach me ice skating that night. The two of us ended up a couple a year later. Good times!

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    1. “The doors of my heart opened — but not to let someone on, only to let someone off.” That’s a really cool way to look at it, but my intent when writing it was describing the feeling when someone said goodbye to me. Though, I see how it works both ways, it’s cool.

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      1. The way I read it, it conveys that “sinking feeling” no matter how I read it.

        Imagery is weird, isn’t it? So often, I come back to a poem after a long time and see in the images all sorts of cool interpretations I didn’t consciously notice when crafting it. But I sometimes think my subconscious must have known — the interpretations fit too well to always be pure accidents.

        If you can come up with an image or metaphor that can be seen more than three ways at once — and all the ways fit with the theme — that’s got to be the subconscious at work, I think. Consciously, it’s harder than climbing Mt. Everest to do stuff like that.

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        1. Not necessarily, I’ve intentionally created poems with multiple meanings to it at once a couple times, but usually my poems are created from one set idea or emotion, memory, etc, and later read to have multiple meanings to is.

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