30 thoughts on “Paper Dolls

      1. Have you seen yet the poem I just now blogged, “I Am a Paper Doll”? It uses the image of a top-heavy paper doll with button eyes, that flops into ink to summarize how it feels to be a genius author. The image is so good, it could only have come to me from the gods!

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          1. Fool! The professional reviews are already arriving in my email box:

            THE CRITICS GO NOVA! “Marysa Storm’s precocious genius has yet again split the night like a bolt of lightening from the heavens. This time with ‘Paper Dolls’, a profoundly absorbing poem containing but a single image — but what an image! What a poet! ‘Paper Dolls’ has more layers to it than Sex the American Style.” — Aloyse Leblanc, Le Critique Passionné de Blog, “La Tribune Linville”, Linville, France.

            I never get reviews that good!

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  1. I really love this one. I have to admit it was hard to interpret at first, but the message really makes sense after the fact. It’s simple with how it’s written, but it’s very in depth with what it’s saying. Awesome piece! 👍

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  2. Maybe I’m just tired, but the idea of a paper doll flopping into ink seems rather comical.
    …yeah, it’s just me being tired, I bet. Everything’s funny when I’m tired 😛

    BUT, this is still an awesome poem! Simple and to-the-point, too! Nice work! 😀

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        1. I’m glad you told me, but it don’t make me happy . Do you know what I mean? About the only reason I’m still passionate about life despite my sleep disorder is because I have folks like you in it.

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          1. Don’t be sad, be yourself. The older I get, the more it seems to me there’s a difference between a person and his or her sadness (or happiness, etc). I get inspiration from talking with you.

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