Coffee Shop Dates

We embrace the flow of our differences in even the smallest forms- with your hot cocoa cupped between frozen hands in the Minnesota cafe, and my iced coffee running cold sweat down its plastic body. Conversation is effortless, topics switching easily as a game-show host reading off a script, and the low chatter mutes when your laugh gives the winning answers. Despite the frigid air, my insides grow warm with the smile questioning what lottery we won to be able sit face-to-face on this coffee shop date. The snow outside the windows turns your brown eyes golden and I vow to show you what you’re really worth. As I grab your hand in mine, interlocking our fingers on the table, I promise no matter the fight, I’ll hold your hand through the battle. We reveal darkened pasts and light the path for this happiness to follow us into the future of you, me, coffee shop dates, and personal beverage preferences.

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The idea for this poem, came from Paul’s prompt.

4 thoughts on “Coffee Shop Dates

  1. Ooh, I really, really love this. It’s so interesting and the details are beautiful. This kind of reminded me of T.S. Eliot’s “Hysteria” which is also a prose poem. Some of the lines here reminded me of that, along with how this is paced. There’s also like a mesmerizing essence in this poem, and it is very awesome. Amazing work! 👍

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