Bipolar: A Play

*Disclaimer: Not my best, or favorite piece*


To help you understand where I’m coming from,
I want you to close your eyes.
Imagine you are watching a play.
I am the screenwriter (and actor).
With just a few directed actions,
I can take you through the show: My Emotions

Act I: Depressive

Depression enters stage right.
It is noon and I am still in bed.
I plant my feet on the floor,
willing a mind to control the body,
and notice the empty room- I mean stage-
I surround myself with.
He follows me center stage,
trailing behind like a shadow.
The rain pours from invisible clouds.

Act II: Manic

Mania enters stage left.
Music plays softly in the background,
our shirts clinging to skin.
She approaches me,
hands linking for a spin,
she takes the lead in this slow dance.
The audience drinks intimacy
from our energy,
but we are only skilled actors.

Act III: Matchmaker

I kick cupid’s bow off stage
and join the audience.
Mania limps center stage.
Depression picks her up.
They share blood from arrow holes,
taking over the show.
We watch the lover’s embrace,
passing on in each other’s arms.

The curtains draw,
and the actors prepare for next month’s showing.

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21 thoughts on “Bipolar: A Play

  1. You seem shy about this one, but it is a legitimate poem, and much of the imagery made me feel for you, for any one bipolar. Not saying the poem should have a place of honor. Just that it’s not in my opinion an spoiled and rotten child or anything like that.

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  2. I like this one a lot! It reminds me of the time I seen the Scrooge, just the way you described it. And if you’re unfamiliar with stage right and stage left, it. is. the. worst. Seriously, especially when you have one day to learn your dance absolutely backwards :/

    Anyways, beautiful piece, you should be happy with it, I never pictured things like this in a scene like this. It was a whole new take and it tells little stories away from the main story you’re describing, each new character representing a different part of your mind, but by the descriptions and stories the characters are performing to their own lives, like theyre actual people/memories you incorporated as characters…. what I said made no sense -facepalm- …. Anyways, I just like the way you wrote this, it was really interesting to read, and it had a different vibe to it, I loved it 🙂

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  3. I like this one. It’s creative. The formatting is cool with the act breaks.

    I have something opposite sitting in my drafts called Behind The Scenes. It’s about everything you see is an act. People don’t see what’s happening behind the scenes.

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          1. You know, my blog has this thing. What’s it called? I think it’s a follow button. You could click that. That way you would be informed of new posts. That’s how I know to stop by your blog to read your new poems. I may not be very prompt about it, but I get there eventually.

            That is intended to be sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek. It’s not a “Hey, I follow you. Follow me back.”

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          2. Don’t facepalm too hard. That shit hurts.

            Maybe you were and stopped. I accidentally unfollowed someone once. I’m not sure how. I just realized I wasn’t seeing her posts anymore.

            I’ve read your writing. You are definitely not stupid.

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