Sacrificing Angels

I know it’s not my best piece, and normally something such as this would be discarded, but I’ll share anyway. 


I ask my demons why,
bribing them with angels.

They chew on the halos
like teething rottweilers.

Their diet is a fad
made of my happiness.

They strip me to bone,
then tell me my fears;

“Don’t worry my child,
it’s all in good fun.”

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17 thoughts on “Sacrificing Angels

  1. You don’t like that one? Seriously? You don’t like it?

    Jeebers, my dear, your taste in poetry sucks! Never mind your one of the best poets I’ve found on the net. Never mind you’re already published at 16. Never mind I think you might be famous someday. It’s got to be said: Your taste sucks!

    My own taste, on the hand, is obviously impeccable, infallible, incredible! Your poem! Your poem is rock solid good! At least, good.

    You may now thank me for having corrected you. Cash preferred. You’re welcome.

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      1. Lol thank you, honestly I discard a lot of poems, I just felt like sharing one I’d normally discard. When I say discard, I don’t throw my poems away, I just write discard through them and continue on in my notebook.


      1. 😦 I like black labs and golden retrievers, as well as german shepherds, and those tend to be big dogs. The main thing, though, is that dogs aren’t really “naturally mean” or anything. They pick things up from their masters. My mom had a rottweiler and she says if you treat them well they wouldn’t hurt a fly, and I’ve found german shepherds to be sweet, too. Black labs, I’m not sure if they actually go mean at all unless you directly provoke them or train them as guard dogs, they’re always so sweet (at least the ones I’ve seen; I’ve seen a lot of them, though)

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  2. I’m pretty much a cat person at this point, but I had a couple of dogs when I was little. A lot of furniture was ruined. Lol. Anyway, this is an amazing poem, and I really love your comparisons. The last couple of stanzas really stand out to me, since it continues the theme, but it ends on a negative note, perhaps meaning that the “demons” have taken control? Overall, this is sad, but I thought this was a great poem. Amazing work, as always.

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