Panic Room

Anxiety locked me in this panic room,
forced the gun in my hand and told me
it’s my turn. We’re actively engaged in
a game of russian roulette with my fears,
each shot spraying my thoughts on the
walls, repainting with my brain.

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7 thoughts on “Panic Room

      1. Yep. I know they died by more natural causes, rather than assassination, but I think their fate was crueler; they had hope for survival, a hope for escape, and yet they barely went anywhere. At least they could die knowing they chose their own death, rather than let political games dictate their fates -shrug-

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          1. My mom read a book series to my brother and I several years back, and it covered modern-day kids helping future time-travelers return missing children to history, and it covered many people who had disappeared from history, like Liseral Einstein, Anastasia Romanova (traditional to place an A at the end of a female’s last name, so Romanova instead of Romanov) and her brother Alexei (they were both found, eventually, obviously, but they were missing for a long time, the first white child to be born on American soil (forgot her name), and the son of Charles Lindburg or whatever, who had kidnapped for ransom. They had thought they found the body, but modern DNA testing proves that who they had thought at the time to be the child was really not the child, so the real child basically vanished off the face of the planet and we never knew it. Anyways, all this to say, I was interested in the fates of said children, and what we actually knew, so I looked it all up

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          2. A lot of it was dark; did you know, in medieval times, I forget who the children were, but there were two princes where were actually forced to jump out a 2-3 story window, run away, and hide in order to survive? They disappeared, and the newly crowned king claimed they had been killed by a conspiracy, and then they reappeared, although they were also locked up in the Tower of London. They somehow vanished from the tower, but no one knows where they went. It’s odd how the best parts of history are the ones that are missing

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