Monster’s Shadow

I don’t always know why I walk in the monster’s shadow. Just that it seems like a good refuse from a blinding sun, a place to cool off after running for so long. I don’t know why I walk in the monster’s shadow, but it draws me in like a magnet, then holds me in the dark just long enough that I don’t think I’ll ever see light again.


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16 thoughts on “Monster’s Shadow

  1. I’ve become more aware of my monster, and I don’t know if it is responsible for my schizophrenia or not, or if that is completely different. I am anxious of my monster, and it could be friendly or ill-willed, I don’t know just because I am blind to it for the most part, for it exists in a part of my mind where I can’t see.

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      1. Well…. ok idek why I handed you a flashlight, but that kinda explains it pretty well lol. At least you got a free metaphorical flashlight? Those things aren’t cheap…

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          1. This isn’t called “Spamming”, it’s called, “Offering free pieces of expensive virtual equipment in hopes that the monster’s shadow will be your slave and bend to your will while we support your endeavor.” Although, I guess that can be summed up as, “Spamming :/

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  2. Confess! Confess, Marysa! You immorally bribed the silent gods in order to gain from them the genius metaphor you use in this poem. Confess it! No human could come up with walking in a moster’s shadow to get out of sun. That is just way too creative. You did the one sin we all — we all, all of us poets swore not to do — you bribed the silent gods, saying if they gave you the metaphor, you’d give them a voice. Confess!

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