Caged Bird

I am a caged bird,
allowed only to fly
when a test subject for your coal mines.

Do not ask me to sing,
or I will screech until you realize
my golden feathers are worth more
than your safety net.

I am a caged bird,
and I will not sing for you
because I know what lies beyond these walls
and I am saving my voice
for someone who deserves to hear my words.

I have tasted freedom before
and I will wait in silence
for its doors to open for me once more.

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5 thoughts on “Caged Bird

  1. “Chains and Cages weigh us down…”
    Remember that one? 🙂 Actually, ironically, that’s arguably one of my best poems (the poll says so right now), and it’s the only one where I’ve written every word tailored for the person I was writing it for. Every word was specifically chosen for Nova…-sigh- I hope she’s okay, I know she struggled with impulsive actions, and that wasn’t great when combined with her bursts of desire for pain 😦

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