Dress Up

I’m writing this poem
in lipstick I don’t wear,
on a mirror I won’t look in.
I’m adding color to a reflection
I haven’t seen in years,
cherry red lips you’ll never kiss,
a fictional existence,
the side of me no one will recognize,
painting a lie on the illusion,
playing pretend like the princess
trying on mommy’s clothes.

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31 thoughts on “Dress Up

      1. What an interesting thing to do!

        Re-reading the poem with that in mind, it seems even clearer than before that you do not much care for how everyone else wants you to look. I’m purposely trying to understate your distaste for it. πŸ˜€

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      2. Good for you! I’m beginning to think there’s a whole lot of things everybody else does that you don’t do. You aren’t some kind of scary radical subversive anarchist bent on over-thrown the existing social and political order, are you? I mean, should I be hiding under my bed from you? Please advise at once!

        Seriously, I think that at your age, make-up is not only unnecessary, but unless it is applied extremely lightly, covers up the “beauty of youth” — that is, the natural beauty every young person has due to such things as possessing smooth, somewhat glowing skin, etc.

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        1. Trust me, everyone my age wears makeup. Even my friends who never would have thought about touching it a year ago won’t leave the house without it. And most of them, are good at it, and I think that’s even more sad.
          But yea, I’m not what you’d consider “normal,” and while I listen to music (namely a song titled anarchist) that may be considered a type of ‘anarchy’ I have no plans to overthrow the government or anything of the sorts- My five-foot-nothing stature, would never be able to do such a thing.

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  1. So many people should hear this message, myself being of one them. I think it’s the insecurity that causes people to try and cover themselves with makeup and such, idk, this poem just gave me a whole new perspective. Go you for being yourself and not worrying about the makeup thing! Thank you for writing and sharing this, it’s a piece that I really enjoyed reading and thinking on πŸ™‚

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  2. I really love this poem. I think it deals with a lot of realistic aspects in the world, such as expectations upon others. I don’t wear makeup either, actually, and it’s odd how others would find that shocking too, but oh well. It just was never anything I was interested in. Anyway, I feel like this poem communicates the sense of independence and being yourself, and I especially love it because of the meaning. Another amazing poem!

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