I fell in love with a chameleon

He was adorable

at first

He was beautiful

at first

He was one color

at first

But as his hesitation to come off
his branches  faded, he began a
series of changes.

His color, once a beautiful green,
became a swirl of red and black,
a sign other animals use as the
universal poison warning. The
markings of one in for the fight.

I heeded my warning too late,
injected with a toxin that still
runs through my veins to this

I was infected by the once harmless,
now fatal attraction to change.

10 thoughts on “Chameleon

  1. The chameleon image is powerful. I’ve read the poem through several times in the past few minutes. Yet I’m at a loss. I’m not quite sure exactly what the poem is getting at. Perhaps that’s intentional on your part? To leave things open to interpretation?

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    1. I like having multiple interpretations available to the reader, but this one was actually inspired by my fear of change. Basically it goes through how I fell in love with change, and it turned out to be bad, ending in the fear of it. I also tried to make it in a way that could mean a relationship gone bad.


      1. Interesting! I immediately saw that it could be interpreted as about a relationship gone bad, but as I read through it again and again, I became certain that wasn’t all it was about. Yet, I couldn’t quite figure out whether you were talking about a fear of change, or about something else.

        On a side note, I hope you get over your fear of change someday! In my experience, that can be debilitating. Yet everyone needs to deal with such a thing in his or her own time and way.

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        1. Slowly, but surely I adapt. Like coloring my hair months ago, it seems small, but it was big for me. There isn’t too much room for change in my current situation, but small things like making the book, changing my styles up, small things to help get me to the harder stuff in the future

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      1. If I wasn’t a chameleon, I would be nobody, so it’s not too bad XD Idk, I’m really tired, today. I think I need a nap before volunteering tonight

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  2. Oooh I love this one! I used to have a bunch of chameleons actually, lol, they’re really neat, how their brains can focus on two views at once, and their tongues really are like 2 feet long. It’s weird but really cool! Anyways, enough about chameleons, xD, the piece itself is awesome. I like how you can perceive different meanings from it and how you fear change, I like change, but when I know what’s going to change, and when it’s good chance, ya know? Other than that I fear it and dislike it. 😛 Again that was off topic, awesome piece I really enjoyed reading it! 🙂

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      1. Ha! Same, perfect description of change actually, the love-hate thing. And they are the coolest, they have like 2-3 toes too, they’re really neat 🙂

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