Mr. Lonely

Time is precious, and lonely knows it.
He is a greedy man, stealing moments
that should be spent filling your heart,
not your cup. He locks your mind in a
box, leaving the slideshow of memories
from a time you were not alone. He
leaves your aching heart to mend its
own, knowing your only company is
pain and the numbing substance of
your choosing.


9 thoughts on “Mr. Lonely

  1. A wise man once said, “Time is more precious than diamonds.”
    Okay, granted, he was only 16 when he said it, and he wasn’t really wise, but it’s still a cool quote πŸ˜€

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      1. True, but oftentimes wisdom is something you acquire overtime, whereas ignorance and arrogance tend to be something younger people have more often. It’s not a direct correlation, but it’s fairly accurate overall

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          1. It definitely should be πŸ˜€
            Then again, if you’re having to choose an audience based off their wisdom level, generalization is the way to go. Everything, including generalization, has a specific time and place for being used, and when it comes to an individual, generalization should be a last resort

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