Half-Dead Beauty

Death is not beautiful
when you’re actually dead
But barely living
in half-dead trees,
half-dried roses,
and deathly thin models
it’s often alluring.
How ironic that
fallen leaves,
broken thorns,
and ruined bodies
are considered beauty
but death is only pretty
if you’re barely living.


8 thoughts on “Half-Dead Beauty

  1. Okay, wow, this is just wow. It’s something I think the world needs to read, so many people are focused on fake beauty, or believing that life should be lived in pain, because many claim beauty is pain (while it’s quite the opposite.) The flower references are amazing, I love the rose one especially (since they’re one of my favorite flowers lol.) It reminds me of “every rose has it’s thorn,” but with a twist that fits today’s standards rather than the 70’s/80’s era xD

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