Writing for the Uninspired

Walking through darkened streets
my footsteps are muffled
by the sounds of a broken wanderer.

Searching for a smile
in a town called Mundane,
I share my travels as a writer.

One can only hope
passion can inspire
interest within another

14 thoughts on “Writing for the Uninspired

  1. Marssss this is so good!! I love the imagery of traveling and walking down a street. Streets at night fascinates me (I’m weird ik ik) but I live out in the country off a dirt road and it just doesn’t give off the same vibe it does in the city at night, illuminated by a line of fluorescents. Idk, this piece really spoke to me, I love it <3.

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      1. It is, it’s like you don’t know who’s around or whatever but it’s a different vibe that’s really cool to be around that makes the endangered vibe just dissipate…

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