The cold doesn’t pierce, it moves
in waves, leaving ripples of
mountain ranges in its wake.
Goosebumps and ghost breaths
are the only proof that my mind
is snow collecting on roofs,
planning the day it will pile too
high, or melt too fast, rolling
its way to my feet.

38 thoughts on “Cold

  1. Really well written poem!
    Fun fact: the cold actually burns, contrary to popular belief. When you say, “freeze to death”, the type of death you’re referring to is actually the cold burning your nerves. That may be why both fire and ice are both used to represent anger/coldheartedness, because both of them will literally burn you, in one way or another

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      1. Ah, well, I grew up in snow, too, and I didn’t know until yesterday lol. It’s amazing how ignorant you can be if you aren’t looking for something 😛

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          1. Idk, I never thought about fire and snow being one and the same, I guess? Lol
            Again, I was never really looking. To me, snow was…well…snow. It didn’t need an identity, or a place in my life, or anything of the sort. Therefore, I didn’t stop to consider it. Keep in mind, I became a poet in the last month lol I wasn’t really fascinated with nature

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          2. Nature and body prove to be the best metaphors in poetry. Easiest to compare things this way. Easier to relate things, too. And it’s different than burning, but similar in the some ways. Both are shocking, piercing, searing pain, but the way it feels after is different. For example, the cold can be that shocking pain, but it’s not hot, until you leave the cold, then it gets really warm.

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          1. Yeah, I got a job offer for six months up there working with a friend. Sooooo might be going to Alaska in May. I haven’t decided yet, but it’s good money, just long hours 😐

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          2. It’s not for her, it’s for the money. For six months I’ll make like 17,000 dollars and after I pay for my stuff I’ll still come home with like 14,000. It’s like 650 every week that I would make.

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          3. You can go for just three months too and thanks for the positivity Rys, I feel soooo much better lol. But yeah I’m really worried about that, but idk how else I would make that much money you know? Unless I become a stripper lmao jk

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