Break Silently

I asked you how to break silently

on a night that felt like speaking

would shatter what was left of us.

You laughed in a way that told me

you thought the answer was obvious,

but responded with, “You do it alone.”

Haven’t you ever wondered why

we haven’t spoken since that night?

13 thoughts on “Break Silently

      1. When people say, “Shadow of the Past”, they usually mean an event from the past, although in a negative way, and with some major changes (although, most of the time, nothing is ever the same in real life). So, in essence, I’m basically asking if this is, “a mirror of a bad event from the past”, which honestly doesn’t sound quite as cool as “shadow of the past”…lol

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      2. Well, no, a teacher traditionally teaches things, and I wasn’t merely trying to explain quadratics, I was trying to teach you quadratics. As far as the expression goes…well, THAT was an explanation. Moral of the story? The Mirror Ant is not a teacher lol

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