If Ever There Was

If there ever was a smile
to soak up the salt in the sea,
boil the toxins in the raging waves,
and offer fresh water to the thirsty,
it would be yours.
If there ever was a voice
to quiet the howl of the wind,
hush the screaming of the storm,
and offer a lullaby
to comfort the terrified,
it would be yours.
If there ever was a soul
deserving of an angel
to offer them relief of sorrow,
and bring to them euphoria,
I am certain,
it would be yours.

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I believe that everyone has a path
that is set for them from birth, with
the option to alter the details when

In recent months, I have fallen so far
from mine, driven by an evil unseen,
but by the most vulnerable.

I found myself on the steps of God,
screaming obscenities onto a cross
no longer holding meaning to a soul
long forgotten by the promise of a

I crumbled under the idea that I could
carry the weight of the entire world
in the palm of my hand, and the feeling
opened my eyes to a reality I’d too
frequently chosen blindness within.

My ears finely tuned to the voice of
comfort, it came to my awareness
that running towards finality was not
to be part of my predestination.

And with that I stand; in glorious triumph,
fighting head on, and accepting the help
from resources not to be looked down
to, repairing the road my future travels

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Transparent Oblivion

Did you know that some people
know what it’s like to float;
they glide through their day to day
living in warmth,
smiling at the birds and waving at the trees.
They are the kind of people you envy;
the ones that know the secrets in the rain,
and the promise of an open book. 

It is hard to believe in such truth;
such peace,
when transparency became an enemy to me
the moment I realized
not everybody craves a gunshot lullaby
in a world as cold as the metal on your tongue,
and the gift of oblivion is long forgotten.

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Our Story (A Brief Explaination of Forever)

Perspiration glued my shirt to my skin
on that thursday afternoon, my hands
tired from carrying boxes from room
to room, the last of their strength just
enough to write their gratitude towards you.

You had not remembered me – at first.
I was a few breaths away from taking
my last, when the hope that radiated
from a single text brought me back to
the present.

It was that day, i learned what it really felt
like to hold a conversation with one radiating
equal interest, shown in their thumbs growing
sore, and the smiles through the screens.

It wasn’t long before text turned to call turned to
video, turned to the moment our hearts pounded
beneath a ribcage aching to break free and connect
what it did not know it was missing.

The day we met in person for the first time in years,
was the first time i felt electricity dripping from the
fingertips that touched me.

The first time i felt what I’d never known to be passionate;
intimacy I’d only ever read about in the books I always
escaped to. It was only the beginning, and the first of many

And now I ask for the promise of forever from you, because
I never want to lose the one that showed me the way it’s supposed
to be; That showed me the freedom that comes with the security of
falling so deeply in love with someone that feels the same.

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Anxiety’s Perspective

Have you ever missed the sun
while it was still beating down on you?
The anticipation of it no longer being there,
despite the droplet of sweat running down your cheek
from its kisses on your forehead?
Have you ever longed for the nightfall you fear
at every day’s end, not quite sure
of the monsters awaiting you under the next silver moon,
but not wanting to be left to wonder?
Have you ever shuddered to what was not yet confirmed
to be reality by any means other than your own mind?
It is a peculiar feeling,
being lost in a perception of vulnerability and irrationality,
stuck in a constant state of questioning and confusion.
You find yourself spending more time being afraid
of what could-be,
instead of observing what actually is.

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Loved Free

Charlotte was a free spirit.
She ran with her arms spread wide,
embracing the kiss of wind through her fingertips,
and stealing the breath from the trees
with every step pressed into the mud.
Her print turned to concrete
in the minds of the animals that followed her path.
Nature welcomed her the same
as the dandelions growing in an open field,
becoming the only one that understood
what a soul such as hers desired.

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